10 Most Famous Prime Ministers of India

6. Rajiv Gandhi : (31 October 1984 – 2 December 1989):


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Second Prime Minister of India to be assassinated right after the predecessor (Indira Gandhi). Rajiv Gandhi is rather a controversial figure. The case of Anderson flee with the support of ‘then PM’ after Bhopal Gas Tragedy was the most shocking incident in the history of India. Not only this, he was hugely dislike by Terrorist organization LTTE and was assassinated by a member of the group. His leadership was tested over the next few days as organised mobs rioted against the Sikh community, resulting in riots in Delhi.

5. Narendra Modi : (26 May 2014 – present):

Narendra Modi

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A controversial figure for many, ‘a clean PM India saw in decades’ for many, Modi is immensely popular among youth of India and NRI’s. He is now being tested by time as in what outcomes his tenure may give but clearly he has spread as a topic of debate amongst many. He is well praised by some media houses and is opposed by some. Not only his tenure has bought forth the hidden pseudo-liberals and some separatist sympathizers, he is battling the internal war of trust from all CMs and unexpected inflation. He has been very active on social media and held many initiatives like Make In India, Jan-Dhan etc.

4. Atal Bihari Vajpayee : (19 March 1998 – 22 May 2004):


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A reflection of what an Indian PM should be. A strong and undeterrent person who sat in the chair of Prime Minister. This day, if we hear his speeches, we would realize the kind of focus and perseverance he had. His birthday, 25 December, was declared “Good Governance Day”. He is on of the founding member of BJP.

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