Difference between Capitalism, Communism and Socialism in simple terms

Let’s discuss the very basic difference between Capitalism, Communism and socialism. A topic which defines politics, progress, society orientation and thought process. Before I start, here is one thing, all of them are theoretical derivations of way of working toward building a society/nation. I will discuss about the basic difference between left and right politics, center-left, center-right politics, there impact, importance and need to build a society, economy and nation.

Difference between Socialism, communism and capitalism.

The basic difference is the dispersion of good under a government. It is also about the distribution of earned goods. It is also about the principles of society and the people who live in it. The ideologies reflect the basic human tendencies toward various economical systems. The achievement of the right proportion distribution under a centralized government without taking more or less for the right amount of work you did is socialism. Here your work is rewarded in the right proportion. Communism is something where a government takes an absolute control while giving what its people want rather than what its people need (need is associated with socialism). This lead to corruption and forced labor. Capitalization is something which include people creating a private system though corporate and industries where they introduce a need in the system which led people to again and again buy the products or services.

What is Socialism in simple terms?

Let’s start with Socialism. Socialism is a system or a practice by a society where a group of individuals forming a society help each other by sharing what they have, in equal proportions, with their neighbors and fellow men. In socialism, a group is not defined by the country but by the society they belong to. According to the socialist theory, a community accepts the freedom of speech, freedom of expressions, freedom of work, work equality, income equality, gender equality, freedom of greed and thus freedom of need. Therefore a socialist society is more or less like a paradise, a promised land, where there is no fight, no greed, equal dispersion of wealth despite the work done by individuals, unlimited freedom of speech/expression/art etc. Here the government, a derivative of the society, owns the resources.

Making it more simple :

Socialism = You earn –> Government distribute to you accordingly –> Extra earning is given to the one in need.

Who decides the right amount of earning which is to be given? Well, a government by the people which will have human of course. And it may result in some commission sort of corruption.

The resources are distributed according to the work, need but not the want. Therefore eliminating the greed factor while introducing the satisfaction factor.

Note : Communist is apparently exactly opposite of what Capitalism is from economical point of view.

But, given that the man is made or rather evolved from the basic nature of getting into a better condition related to other mammals which includes human as well, socialism does not fit fine. It is not practically possible, except in fantasy or a good dream to get the socialist society, then how to achieve it? The answer is Communism. To communism is entirely different than the socialism but it is a road-map (according to theory of communists) to achieve the perfect society. Which brings us to the next question, what is communism?

What is communism in simple term?

Communism is a way to achieve socialism. Or, to achieve Communism, Socialism must be introduced. Some theories says it other way, however, communism literally means that the government owns everything. And to achieve the socialism, they will disperse in in the right way. The factor of not having greed is not in nature of human species, not in any species of the world. Therefore, to impose this unpresent quality, a factor is needed. The factor could be the ‘feel good by helping others’ or could be force. In all cases, it’s force. Here, a government is everything. They will collect all good and resources from the people who work hard and will distribute them in the proportion they think is good. There is no competition of a better life as ‘to-live’ is the only thing left. The person who runs the government and the people who are associated with the government gets all the benefits. No business, no greed, no politics just a clean paradise of people getting food to barely fill there stomach. Anarchists, who show people of having their own governments with Free commodities, no private businesses, no rich people, no greed, no corruption is a first sign of a person or a group of people planning to set up a communist government where they can control everything.

Communism¬†= You work hard —> Government takes everything –> you get some what government think you want –> govt officials get what they think they want

Why communist takes place? Why people want it? The reason is simple, capitalism. Capitalism divides society into poor and rich people where all the rich gets richer and poor gets poorer. Capitalism is a state where greed exist.

Capitalism, what is it in simple term?

Creating a system where a private individual or firm produces something you need and telling you that you need it. It is upto you to buy it or not. It is a system where need and buy co-exists and after a certain time, if you can produce what people want in a fairly competitive market by either technology or innovation, you will get paid. Once people want it, they will pay you for it, and you can go on and buy some more stuff with that. With the increase in need a system is created, cleverly, wherein you have to buy a product to survive with the time. Weapons, for example, is created as a need by making a small turbulence so that the need can be fulfilled by selling weapons by the capitalists to the warring nations. Education system for example, where degree prevails over knowledge. But this system also gives you the liberty to work on the previous system to do something better and innovative wherein you can generate money while changing the global scenario. Google, Facebook are the best example. When a bunch of guys who were not rich as industrialists are, wanted to change the information system, both in common scene and in social media, created Google & Facebook and got rich by serving what people wanted i.e. technical advancements. In simple terms, right capitalism is creating a system where people pay to buy a certain commodities or services as a need which makes rich richer and drags out more money from poor.

What is good for the development of a society/nation? Is it capitalism, communism or socialism?

All of them, that is it. A right proportion is what is needed. A country needs its people working in a competitive market while innovating and inventing across various aspects of science and technology. This must happen while having compassion and a sense of moral responsibility toward the fellow citizen. Not only this, the companies which are held privately must be in the control of government to a certain level so that they cannot create a new system to make money. So, we must have a free market, a place full of entrepreneurship and market oriented competitive atmosphere with a strong speculation of the government (not interference until necessary) with people following simple moral code of conduct.

Let’s talk about left wing and right wing ideology in simple terms.

These ideologies are often associated with the above terms where left ideologies are associated with Socialism and communism, whereas, right wing is associated with capitalization. However, they are basically two simple things, acceptance and principals. Left is about acceptance of everything like thoughts, speech, orientations, people, creed, caste to make a perfect society. However the right theory is about sticking to the core principal of traditions, values and culture. Right favors and pride in being of a great nation while left prides of being of a great accepting society. But, as a matter of fact, a nation cannot be build without a society and a society is a building block (major or minor) of a nation. These two must co-exist. Now here is one Major difference, Left is about kindness, compassion and taxation of the rich (communism hints), regulation of private business, peace, acceptance of cultures, free speech etc. Right is about sticking to culture, basic society rules, business, saving money, free market, acceptance of cultures, free speech but with moral regulation (often constitutional).

If that is so, why many entertainment and news media houses are left oriented?

Helping poor sound good. Taxing the rich sounds super awesome, but taxing the rich knowing that the fact that the rich (in a medium capitalization scenario) became rich with hard work but not corruption, is very much social injustice to him/her. Left are politically driven, they want to show that they care about poor and we the simple people love the notion of human kindness. The fact that most of the news houses funded by political parties (Read : Media Bias) of the left inclination makes media a bit of biased toward left. Freedom of unlimited expression (often hurting religious sentiments) comes from left and this is used in entertainment industry. Therefore, liberals tends to evolve in these two industries. However, right or conservatives are those who are entrepreneurs, innovators, inventors, businessmen and industrialist. Because these guys are not in lime light, they are not popular and there reach is low.

But people in general are kind but stick to their values and culture, therefore the govt. swings from left to right. USA president, 2017, Donald Trump is elected even when he was targeted and mocked by media and entertainment. He was elected by people who, after accepting Left, wants a Right government now. Right ideologies says that one should avenge for the wrong doing. It also says that violence is needed for justice ( like constitutionally hanging a terrorist or a serial killer) while Leftist says not to be too harsh with the serious offenders. There is a moral gap, but who set the morals? Well, the morals are generally what we, as human, feels right about. Right is based resolving inner issues and problems and refining individual as a unit of society, more or less like fighting inner demons. Left is about understand problems in the society, resolving problems with poor with peaceful protests which at a slightly big level is mostly political. Right is about doing what is good and is based on experience and values, left is doing what feels good and is based on the needs society wants rather than need.

Leftist theory = Sounds Cool –> it is a roadmap to –> communism

Rightist theory = Sounds Uncool –> road map to –> Capitalism

Medium Left = Media (politically financed) + young men (some who wants to adopt new cultures and hates rich) + peaceful activist + social reformers

Medium Right = General People + Business person + Entrepreneurs

Best Society = Medium Left + Medium Right + Absolute coordination among both

What do you think about it? Share your views.

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