Tata Docomo Data Tariff Plans, Unlimited Calling Recharge offers for 3G & 4G

Today we will discuss the 3G and 4G plans along with the unlimited calling plans by Tata Docomo and the Recharge Offers associated with them. Recently, when Jio made a drastic move of giving Free internet and Unlimited calling to all of its users, a quake was felt in the Indian telecom industry. This move compelled the operators to make a large price cut among all of the telecom operators. As a result the Data Plans for Tata Docomo were also altered in accordance to the newly established competitive market. Here I will share all of the 3G, 4G data plans and tariffs along with the recharge offers available at the current time. Kindly note that the recharge offers are subject to change on hourly basis and therefore there is a slight possibility that the plans will change within a few hours as well. Anyways, lets talk about the unlimited plans.

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Important Disclaimer : As of now, the mid-December of 2016 records that the TATA Docomo 4G and the Tata Indicom 4G services are not available in any states of India. The rumors are that Tata is already in talks to get into the 4G race by the starting of year 2017.

Tata Docomo Unlimited Calling Plans with 2G/3G Internet offers

 Docomo Recharge Plan Name   Price in INR   Days Validity Calling Internet
 TATARC103  Rs.103  28 Days  Unlimited  50 MB 2G/3G
 TATARC246  Rs.246  28 Days  Unlimited Calling  0 MB 2G/3G
 TATARC298  Rs.298  28 Days  Unlimited Calling  2 GB 2G/3G
 TATARC348  Rs.348  28 Days  Unlimited Calling  5 GB 2G/3G

One more thing which should be noted is that the Docomo’s service of 3G/2G is limited on the basis of state in India.

How To Activate Tata Docomo Unlimited Calling feature?

I have shared many offers below but two offers are the most interesting. First one is that of the Unlimited Calling and second is the Rs50 for one GB of internet. There are many competitors and hurdles are countless but Docomo is competing in a good way. Here I will tell you as in how you can Activate the unlimited calling feature.

The first and the foremost step is to know that whether you are a beneficiary of this offer under the circle you are using your Docomo. To do so, call on the toll free number 198 from your mobile and the cutomer care will tell you whether or not the plan is available in your city or circle.

Now you have to make sure that you are not a postpaid users. This offers stands only for the pre-paid users and therefore no augmentations for post paid users. Sorry 🙂

All you have to do is to go to any recharge shop or TATA store or Docomo store to recharge your phone with Rs. 103, Rs. 298 or Rs.348 only. Please select your recharge mode as the “special recharge”- this is very important.

Wait for the message. You will receive a message stating out the confirmation of the recharge. Awesome, now you can do unlimited calling. But what about the additional data? Well, worry not, check your data balance, you will get an additional internet data of either 5GB or 2GB. Isn’t that simple? If you do not know how to check your balance of data on Docomo, here is the code. Dial *111*1# from your phone. You will get to see the whole data (remaining and total).

Tata Docomo Simply the Best Service

Tata Docomo recently launched a brand new service. This service is known as ‘Simple is the Best’ service. According to this service a user can get upto 3 times the benefits to enjoy in comparison over the cost they pay for it. Here are the plans :

 Tata Docomo Rental High Speed Internet Talktime in minutes Post-Pay subscribers Charges
 Rs 350  5GB  1000 Local+STD  local calls @ 30 paise & STD calls at 40 paise
 Rs 350  2GB  1500 Local+STD  local calls @ 30 paise & STD calls at 40 paise

These two plans are as following :

  1. A data plan of 5GB of data with 1,000 local plus STD minutes
  2. A Data plan of 2GB internet with about 1,500 local plus STD minutes.

A general term with both the plans is that the Post-Pay subscribers will get benefit from flat voice rates for local calls @ 30 paise & STD calls at 40 paise only and that too along with superior data benefits.

How to Buy Tata Docomo 4G SIM ?

The service is not available and neither the sims as of now, however, you can grab your copy of the 4G sim from the Tata Docomo by using these simple steps :

  • Visit a Tata Indicom outlet or a TATA store
  • Ask for a 4G sim with you complete details
  • The details include your ids
  • Carry a ID card like Aadhaar card or Voter ID card.
  • Carry 2 color photo with you
  • In 1-2 days you’ll get your sim
  • The process is slow but will be ramped up in speed in a few days.
  • The following service is available only in few selected cities and store

Make sure you filled the form right.

TATA Docomo Recharge Internet offer Rs 50 per GB.

During the remonetization, Docomo started a new plan which was meant for the users who are willing to pay for the old notes of Rs500 i.e. the notes before 8th November, 2016. Here have a look at the plan :

TATA Docomo Recharge Offer Data 2G/3G Talktime Validity in Days
RC 500 Rs. 600
RC 494 Unlimited 30
RC 496 5GB Rs. 250 60
RC 495 10GB 90

Here are the highlights of the following offer –

  1. RC 500 was giving a talktime equivalent to Rs.600 only. The data details are not available.
  2. RC 494 was giving Unlimited talktime for 30 days.
  3. RC 496 was giving 5GB internet data with a Rs250 talktime for 60 days.
  4. RC 495 could have got you an amazing 10GB internet data for 90 days

The most interesting thing was that the RC 495 offer gives users approx Rs 50 per GB. This is equivalent to data for the 4G users as promised by Reliance Jio. The following offer was only till last week.

Here is the complete list of CDMA 2G/3G/4G service according to Circle

Andhra Pradesh & Telangana green-tick-yes green-tick-yes red-cross-alert red-cross-alert
Bihar & Jharkhand green-tick-yes green-tick-yes No red-cross-alert
Delhi green-tick-yes red-cross-alert red-cross-alert red-cross-alert
Uttar Pradesh (East) green-tick-yes green-tick-yes red-cross-alert red-cross-alert
Gujarat green-tick-yes green-tick-yes green-tick-yes red-cross-alert
Haryana green-tick-yes green-tick-yes green-tick-yes red-cross-alert
Himachal Pradesh green-tick-yes red-cross-alert red-cross-alert red-cross-alert
Karnataka green-tick-yes green-tick-yes green-tick-yes red-cross-alert
Kerala green-tick-yes green-tick-yes green-tick-yes red-cross-alert
Kolkata green-tick-yes green-tick-yes red-cross-alert red-cross-alert
Tamil Nadu green-tick-yes green-tick-yes green-tick-yes red-cross-alert
Maharashtra & Goa green-tick-yes green-tick-yes green-tick-yes red-cross-alert
Mumbai green-tick-yes green-tick-yes red-cross-alert red-cross-alert
Odisha green-tick-yes green-tick-yes red-cross-alert red-cross-alert
Uttar Pradesh (West) green-tick-yes green-tick-yes green-tick-yes red-cross-alert
Rajasthan green-tick-yes green-tick-yes red-cross-alert red-cross-alert
Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh both green-tick-yes green-tick-yes green-tick-yes red-cross-alert
West Bengal green-tick-yes green-tick-yes red-cross-alert red-cross-alert
Punjab green-tick-yes green-tick-yes green-tick-yes red-cross-alert

Kindly Note :

green-tick-yes  – Available now

red-cross-alert – Not available as of now, may be soon

Attention – Recently, the company announced that it would not be continuing with its CDMA for a long time and therefore will switch to a better alternative like that of GSM. Not to worry as the company will simply migrated the number to the CDMA position as a part of its technical up-gradation strategy.

The interesting part about Tata Docomo is that it is a subsidiary of the Indian Conglomerate giant; Tata Group. Not only this, it is by far the seventh largest operator in terms of subscribers. This 7th position is acquired by the fact that the company looks into both, GSM and CDMA as a parameter of calculation of the subscriber.

Docomo is a joint venture since November, 2008 between these two, Tata Teleservices and NTT Docomp with Tata Teleservices  having 73.5% & NTT Docomo having 26.5% of the complete share.

Have a Look at this Ad from Tata Docomo where they targeted Facebook usage :

Here is yet another Docomo Ad :

Talking about the operation cycle, Tata Docomo operated in around 19 circles of India where it offers its 3G/2G and CDMA services. The company is not into 4G in any of the circles. The interesting part is that the company does not offer postpaid services in these four states on both CDMA & that of GSM :

  • Bihar
  • Jharkhand
  • Rajasthan
  • West Bengal

Kolkata is an exception. Do you know that Tata DOCOMO has already set a milestone as it became the first private sector telecom operator company to launch 3G services in India on 5 November 2010.

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