Top 5 Fan companies in India

Well, Summer is going on and one thing which we are restlessly using are the fans. So let’s do the top 10 on the fan companies in India. Here is the Top 10 fan companies in India.

1.Bajaj Fans :

Bajaj is not only famous for the vehicles but for the consumer electronics goods as well. It is also one of the top 10 fan making companies in India.

2. Usha Fans :

No doubt Usha is synonymous with decent quality products. But when it comes to fans and iron, Usha is the name.

3. Havells Fans :

Havells is a great quality fans provider. It is a company associated with quality and safe products. Therefore the products of Havells are very much in demand in the Indian markets.

4. Crompton Greaves :

Crompton Greaves fans are the products of multi-billion dollar company, Crompton Greaves. The fans are high quality products specially designed for Indian households.

5. Orient Fans :

These types of fans comes from the Birla Group.

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